A Guide To Writing Great Content

These days, employees in varying roles are often tasked with writing their department’s online content for both internal and external audiences.

This type of writing can include different forms of text-based content, such as articles, web content, program and service descriptions, e-newsletters, emails, information sheets and booklets. Though each of these formats have unique purposes, they all follow some key general rules.

In this workshop, we will look at those rules and explain what makes content effective. We will review best practices that will help you make your writing engaging, relevant and action-focused. We will also explore ways to capture your readers’ attention by writing creative and interesting content.

This workshop focuses on...

  • understanding what content writing is and the unique characteristics of each content format
  • defining the purpose and goals for your content pieces
  • applying content writing basics: researching, planning and writing
  • identifying techniques to capture your readers’ attention and interest
  • planning and organizing your content to help your readers find the information they are looking for
  • using clear and concise language targeted to your readers
Skills category: Writing