Writing Effective Reports and Proposals

Does the writer’s knot in your stomach tighten when you’re asked to write a proposal or report? Do you wonder and worry about how to approach the task and second-guess yourself about structure and format? Does the project seem to take much longer than it should?

This highly interactive workshop will ease these concerns. You will learn the organizational skills needed to get into the project quickly and the presentation and format strategies for a professional and readable document. You will learn how to apply specific writing techniques to ensure your documents are accurate, specific and easy to read.

Learning and applying these techniques will help reduce the time it takes to write your reports and proposals. These techniques will also minimize the need to rewrite and edit as well as help your audience make critical decisions and take necessary actions.

This workshop focuses on...

  • using planning strategies to control high volumes and complex information
  • organizing information for readability and impact
  • writing structurally powerful sentences and paragraphs that allow the readers to easily read through the information
  • using high energy language that influences the readers
  • writing effective larger business documents including reports and proposals
Public Workshop
In-House Workshop