Writing For Academic And Research Purposes

This virtual workshop will help you sharpen your reading, researching and writing skills to help you succeed in an academic and research setting. You will practise how to express your ideas clearly in writing using an academic format.

You will learn a writing process to help you put your ideas and research together into a well-organized paper. We will also review common grammatical errors to be aware of when self-editing. Other topics include assessing your writing for an appropriate response; following a writing process; using APA style of referencing; and proofreading your documents.

This workshop focuses on...

  • reviewing texts effectively for comprehension
  • assessing your writing assignments to determine the type of response and/or paper expected
  • answering questions and writing comments on discussion boards using thoughtful questions and evidence-supported opinions
  • following a writing process to move you from your first thoughts to a completed essay or assignment
  • applying APA style of referencing
  • understanding the structures and uses of four key paragraph types: introductory, body, transitional and concluding
  • creating structurally strong sentences and paragraphs
  • proofreading your documents for correctness in spelling and grammar
Skills category: Writing