The Plain Language Approach To Writing

Plain language is an approach to writing that focuses on presenting information that is easy to read and understand. Not only is this concept important for internal communication within and between departments, it is particularly important when the writing is for individuals outside your organization. Unless the message in a document is clear, your reader may be confused and left with more questions than answers.

Whether you work on public documents, articles or web material, the foundational concepts of plain language are the same: understand your purpose and audience, choose the right words, design clear sentence and paragraphs, and format for accessibility.

This workshop will show you key strategies for talking to your reader using plain language.

This workshop focuses on...

  • targeting your reader’s needs to build rapport
  • avoiding bulky language and jargon that undermine your message
  • using plain language to create a personal connection with your reader
  • writing powerful sentences
  • controlling paragraph length and creating effective structure
  • formatting to make your information accessible
Public Workshop
In-House Workshop