Email...Think Before You Hit Send

Email is the workhorse of communication within and between organizations. As well, in today's increasing e-business environment, more and more organizations are turning to an online form of communication with clients. Yet, in spite of its importance, email is frequently dashed off with little thought given to clarity or to the needs of the reader. The result? The image of the writer and the organization are undermined. Avoid these email pitfalls. In this workshop, you will learn the strategies that will give you an email reputation to be proud of!

This workshop focuses on...

  • writing from your reader’s perspective
  • using concise language and avoiding rambling
  • putting the right information in the right place so your reader understands it and knows what to do with it
  • being aware of the tone of your message
  • formatting so the recipient can read your message easily
Public Workshop
In-House Workshop