Writing Effective Minutes

When someone asks you to take minutes at a meeting, do you cringe and ask, "Why me?" Do you write furiously during a discussion and then scratch your head to make sense of what you wrote after the meeting? Have you ever read minutes and then wondered if you and the minute-taker were even on the same planet? If you've said "yes" to any of these questions... you're not alone.

Creating effective minutes is a process that people commonly struggle with. The reason? They usually have never had the opportunity to learn the tools and techniques for mastering the art of writing effective minutes. As well, people often don't recognize the important role the minute-taker plays in the success of a meeting.

This high-energy workshop resolves those issues. During the session, you will take an active part in learning the techniques for writing effective minutes.

This workshop focuses on...

  • taking and summarizing notes efficiently
  • interacting with the chair to keep the discussion on track
  • giving your readers the information they need
  • using clear, concise language
  • using templates to write the minutes
  • developing effective agendas
Public Workshop
In-House Workshop