Providing Effective Feedback

Being able to give feedback fairly and clearly is one of the most powerful tools you can use to support and develop your team so that they can learn, grow and become their best selves.

Without effective feedback, relationships can be damaged, employees can lose focus, and common mistakes can be made over and again. There are ways to provide and structure feedback, whether it’s formal or informal, to make sure that it’s effective and lasting.

This workshop will show you how to provide feedback at any time that the message is due. You’ll learn why the way we deliver is feedback is important, how to deliver a message so that people accept it and make changes that may be needed, and how to accept feedback that we are offered.

This workshop focuses on...

  • explaining why feedback is essential
  • apply a framework for providing formal or informal feedback
  • identifying opportunities to provide positive and constructive feedback
  • using descriptive language in delivering feedback
  • providing feedback in real situations
Public Workshop
In-House Workshop