MBTI Leader Communication

The MBTI Leader Communication virtual workshop explores the links between psychological type and leader communication. Applying the widely-recognized instrument the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), we examine the characteristics of 16 different "types" and explore the implications of the differences to team communication and work situations.

Your type, which influences your perceptions and judgments about information, is an important factor in developing enhanced communication and leadership effectiveness. Through learning how different types approach communication, you'll have a greater chance of increasing the effectiveness of your efforts.

In the session, you'll explore the practical usefulness of type while working as a leader in your organization. You'll explore a dynamic model that can assist you in communicating ideas and instructions to others and in being an effective listener.

This workshop focuses on...

  • self-assessing your current communication style
  • increasing your understanding of differences in communication styles
  • developing greater awareness of the impact of personality type when communicating
  • identifying where you may need to adjust your style to maximize your impact as a leader
  • practising the skills of communicating effectively
  • developing an action plan to enhance your communication
In-House Workshop