Tips for Editing Emails

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Working remotely has many of us sending off dozens of emails a day to communicate with colleagues, customers and everyone in between. Due to the high volume, it can be easy to hit send in a hurry, forgetting to read through for any mistakes.

Your emails are a reflection of you—make sure they show off your best self! Let’s take a look at how you can make sure your emails are professional and mistake-proof in three simple steps.

Step 1

Let it sit. Take a sip of water and have a stretch before reading through your email. It’s much easier to spot inconsistencies and mistakes with fresh eyes.

Step 2

Read it out loud. Yes, this can feel silly—especially when sitting alone at your desk—but it works! If you’ve been staring at your computer for a while, it also helps to follow along with your curser to make sure nothing is missed.

Step 3

Looks are everything. Double-check for signs of poor formatting, such as lack of white space and multiple fonts. These are all things that can appear careless and deter people from reading your email.

  • Remember to start a new paragraph for each topic and idea.
  • Be careful not to overuse caps, bold and italic formatting for emphasis.
  • Stick to one font style.
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By Marie Antaya, CTDP

Author of The Eclectic Writing Series.