Effective Delegation

Is your inbox always full? Do you regularly work overtime just to keep up? Do you feel like there are tasks that only you can do? If you can relate to any of these situations, you will benefit from learning how to delegate some of your current workload.

In this session, you’ll look at how to effectively lead your staff, contractors and peers using delegation techniques. Delegating offers many advantages to you, your direct reports and your organization. It will give you more time to focus on the tasks that require your particular skills and authority. It will also help increase motivation and strengthen trust with your team.

This workshop focuses on...

  • explaining the benefits of delegating
  • overcoming common concerns around delegating
  • following the key steps to effective delegation (prepare, monitor and evaluate)
  • determining what tasks to delegate and matching those tasks to the right person
  • communicating your expectations clearly with your team
  • using delegation to increase trust and motivation
  • managing delegation issues that may arise
Public Workshop
In-House Workshop