Writing and Editing

Plain Language Culture Strategy

How your team communicates with your clients, and with each other, affects your reputation, your productivity, and your profits. Given that clear communication matters so much, it may be time to apply plain language culture strategy and reconsider the way you and your teams communicate.

Let us support you in improving the way you communicate so you can improve the way you perform. Your success as an organization depends on how well you communicate.

Our plain language culture strategy includes the following:

  • Needs assessment
  • Standards and implementation plan
  • Training
  • Peer support processes
  • Measurement

Assessments and Learning Plans

Would you like to assess the performance of your team, a pool of candidates, or a group of students?

Our assessment tools will allow you to…

  • improve your hiring success
  • reduce employee turnover
  • identify skill gaps within your organization
  • invest your training dollars wisely

Our communication assessment tool will identify the participants’ skill strengths and requirements. Based on the results, we provide specific development feedback and offer a customized learning plan for each participant.

Professional Writing and Editing

Are your business documents working for you as well as they should? Does the structure and format invite your readers into the document and make it easy for them to get the information they need?

It is not uncommon in today's business world for organizations to be using outdated and ineffective document formats. It's also not uncommon for organizations to need certain types of documents that they don't have time to create.

Why? Because the pressure of achieving the day-to-day tasks, often with fewer staff than necessary, leaves no time to enhance or develop documents. Unfortunately, this situation has a negative impact on image and can be very costly.

Does your organization need to develop or enhance documents but no one has the time to do it and doesn't know how to tackle the job anyway? Help is here.

We have worked with a broad range of clients, both public and private sector, guiding them in the development of documents that have enhanced their professional image and saved them money.

We will work with you to compile the necessary background information and create the documents you need. We can help with annual reports, website content, proposals, policy and procedure manuals, customer service letters…you name it.

Our services include:

  • Professional writing
  • Restructuring and editing
  • Plain language editing