Who We Are

What do we believe in?

We believe in clear and understandable communication for all.

Why? Because people have the right to understand what is being communicated to them And when a message is understood, it saves a lot of time and money and reduces confusion and frustration. 

How do we work toward this goal?

We deliver learning solutions to individuals and organizations that will increase the quality and effectiveness of their business communication. 

We perform every task with...

We treat our clients, participants, partners and each other with the highest degree of dignity, equality and honesty.

We accept our responsibilities and we meet our commitments for every project we do. No exceptions.

We develop effective learning solutions to meet our clients' needs Every client is different, so every solution is unique.

We research current trends and best practices, and we advocate for the right to have understandable communications. 

We apply careful thought and attention to every project we do to ensure a quality client experience. 

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Kari Hasselriis

Jill Vogan

Susan Portelance

Sławomir Borkowski

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