Needs Assessment

To guarantee value and change from training, conducting a needs assessment is essential. A needs assessment aligns your training needs with your organizational needs. It proves the need for training and ensures that the trainin design will respond to your organizational needs. It also establishes the foundation for evaluation.

One size does not fit all! Let us help you determine and address the gaps between your current situation and your desired situation through a needs assessment process. Our needs assessment focuses on three levels.

Impact – What is the problem? What is the opportunity?

The impact level assesses the current and desired outcomes in an organization that are related to the performance of the target learners. These outcomes could include the organization’s profits, image, productivity, etc.

Transfer – What is not happening? What do you want to happen?

The transfer level assesses the current and desired performance of the target learners. This level focuses on the target learners’ ability to perform necessary job functions.

Learning – What are your target learners not able to do?
What do your target learners need to do?

The learning level assesses the current and desired skills, knowledge and attitudes of the target learners.