Advanced Facilitation Skills


When: Thursday, May 5, 2022 at 8:30am - 4:00pm
WHERE: Winnipeg, MB

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Do you know the key processes and techniques that make a great facilitator? Facilitating sessions can be rewarding and successful when you have the right tools.

In this workshop, you will develop the confidence and skills you need to facilitate, teach, lead and present to audiences of any size. You will sharpen your ability to use facilitation techniques to effectively manage group dynamics and polish your questioning techniques. You will also discover how to adapt your facilitation style to accommodate the various groups you work with.


• Define the role of a facilitator.
• Determine what to prepare before the session to ensure its success.
• Identify techniques that encourage participation.
• Determine how to apply questioning and active listening techniques.
• Create a positive environment for sharing ideas and opinions.
• Handle a variety of difficult situations.
• Overcome the challenges your encounter when facilitating.

DELIVERABLE: You will develop create a facilitation skills self-assessment checklist to use when facilitating sessions.


In the optional Day 2, you will put into practise the skills learned in Day 1 by facilitating a 20-minute session of your choice. Following your session, you will receive a debrief and the facilitator will provide a completed assessment. This session is also a great opportunity to observe and act as a participant for up to five additional sessions.


• Create a positive environment for sharing ideas and opinions.
• Build trust and integrity with the group and encourage participation and engagement.
• Use questioning and active listening techniques to facilitate effectively and test for understanding.
• Select appropriate activities and facilitate them effectively.
• Handle a variety of difficult situations.
• Read the room and make design adjustments to meet the group’s needs.
• Provide constructive feedback.

DELIVERABLE: You will facilitate a session of your choice using the techniques covered in day 1.

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