Influence and Collaboration


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In the workplace, our actions, behaviours and opinions have the power to influence the actions of others. How we use that influence defines the success of the organization and the projects we work on. By recognizing our influence and using it to collaborate as a team, we are able to build strong and productive relationships with our colleagues. In this session, we will explore how to maximize our relationships and increase cooperation to obtain the best possible results for you, the teams you work with and the organization.

The program focuses on...

• identifying behaviour cues that help determine your manager’s workstyles, goals and priorities
• assessing your own strengths, areas for development, goals and work styles to allow for alteration and alignment when support your manager
• developing patterns of interaction between you and your manager that delivers the best possible results for your organization
• recognizing different communication styles and identify when to shift styles
• building mutual dependence by demonstrating cooperation, dependability and credibility


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