Communicating Effectively in the Workplace


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This workshop provides participants with the key strategies for powerful business communication. There is no doubt that, in today’s business environment, communicating effectively is an essential professional skill – a skill that can affect an individual’s image and success as well as that of the organization. As a result, this workshop enhances each participant’s ability to be an effective and proficient business communicator by using the qualities that lead to powerful communication.

The program focuses on...

  • understanding what communication is and why it is important in the workplace
  • communicating to internal and external audiences
  • realizing the communication process
  • identifying and solving obstacles that create communication barriers
  • ensuring the message focuses on the audience's needs
  • developing the ability to give a clear message in an appropriate tone
  • improving listening skills and the ability to read non-verbal cues
  • realizing the different communication styles and knowing how to adjust our approach depending on the audience
  • understanding and avoiding communication breakdowns
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