Web Courses

Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, and in your own space.

What makes our web courses unique?

As a learner, nothing is more demotivating than logging on to a web course and seeing “slide 1 of 255.” Elearning shouldn’t be a PowerPoint presentation uploaded to a website. Elearning shouldn’t be a textbook put online, with some multiple choice questions added.

There is a difference between elearning and einforming.

Rather than just being informative, Eclectic's web courses are specifically designed for elearning. We take the time to consider each section and determine how to best present it.

Our web courses focus on you as the learner, not on our instructors or the technology. We use a design model that accommodates all learning styles. You likely have a favourite way to learn, and you should feel comfortable taking our courses.

Each web course is designed to be engaging, interesting and informative. By offering you an interactive experience, you become an active participant in control of your own learning. Also, you can log on when it suits you, and you won't be rushed and miss any important content.

Our web courses are easy to use. All you need is a computer or tablet and an Internet connection. You don't need to buy any software or download it on to your computer, so you don't need to worry about extra costs or hard drive space.

Why not find out for yourself how good a web course can be for you?


Web course title Duration (Hrs.) Price
Punctuation: Marks the Spot (Web Course) 1.5 $32.00
The Apostrophe: To Apostrophe or Not (Web Course) 1.0
Now available at cultivatelearning.ca
Agreement: Singular or Plural... You Must Agree (Web Course) 1.5
Now available at cultivatelearning.ca
Word Use: Taking the Confusion out of Words (Web Course) 1.0
Now available at cultivatelearning.ca
Pronoun Use: Me or I, What’s the Difference? (Web Course) 1.0
Now available at cultivatelearning.ca
Guidelines for Numbers: Digit Style (Web Course) 1.0
Now available at cultivatelearning.ca
Guidelines for Capitalization: Are You Case Sensitive? (Web Course) 1.0 $32.00
Parallel Structure: Equality for All (Web Course) 2.0
Now available at cultivatelearning.ca
Writing with a Verb Focus: Featuring the Main Attraction (Web Course) 2.0
Now available at cultivatelearning.ca
Using a Writing Process: The Map to Effective Business Documents (Web Course) 3.0
Now available at cultivatelearning.ca
Writing for Clarity and Conciseness: Making Every Word Count (Web Course) 3.0
Now available at cultivatelearning.ca
Formatting for Visual Appeal: Creating a Great First Impression (Web Course) 3.0 $150.00
Editing Skills: Minding Your P's and Q's (Web Course) 6.0
Now available at cultivatelearning.ca
Email: Think Before You Hit Send (Web Course) 3.0
Now available at cultivatelearning.ca
Writing Customer Focused Letters: The "Write" Way to Communicate (Web Course) 3.0
Now available at cultivatelearning.ca
Creating Policies and Procedures: Explaining the Dos and Don'ts (Web Course) 9.0 $395.00
Writing Effective Reports: Leading the Way to Decisions and Actions (Web Course) 6.0 $250.00
Writing Proposals that Win: Getting to the "Yes" (Web Course) 6.0 $250.00