Virtual Workshops

Do you log on to webinars and immediately start multitasking knowing that you are in for an hour-long one-sided presentation? Does a session like that really change what you do in the workplace? Are you ready for something different?

Our virtual workshops are synchronous online training sessions designed so that you not only learn about a new skill but you also learn how to do it. The courses are hands on and highly interactive. From the moment you log on, you will be involved in activities and experiences that will have you practising and improving your communication skills. Each of our virtual workshops includes pre-workshop reading and proof-of-learning assignments.

If your group is geographically dispersed, a virtual workshop can be a great option for you. Virtual workshops allow learners to participate in their own office without any travel costs. You can log into the Adobe Connect virtual classroom at your own computer in your own space. Each session is only 90-minutes long, so your regular workday isn’t disrupted. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can provide a customized virtual workshop for your organization focusing on the communication needs of your learners.

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Solving the Grammar Dilemma

In any business, it is essential to write correctly because mistakes in grammar and usage can affect the readability of a document and the clarity of the message. Also, when errors appear, the writer of the document – and subsequently the department – lose credibility. This virtual workshop focuses on the fundamentals of business grammar and usage.

The Plain Language Approach to Writing

Plain language is an approach to writing that focuses on presenting information that is easy to read and understand. This virtual workshop focuses on avoiding unclear writing and replacing it with plain language.

Using a Writing Process

This virtual workshop focuses on understanding the reader’s perspective and using organizing and structuring strategies to make a strong reader connection.

Writing Client-Focused Letters

This virtual workshop focuses on techniques for writing letters that present a client focus, even when dealing with difficult issues.

Email…Think Before You Hit Send

In spite of its importance, emails are often “dashed off” with little thought given to the clarity of the message or the needs of the reader. Poorly written email can lead to misunderstandings and can result in significant amounts of time and money wasted. This virtual workshop focuses on providing you with the important skills that will give you an email reputation to be proud of.

Editing Techniques for Managers

This virtual workshop focuses on how to use positive, tested techniques that will enhance your editing skills and support your employees by using tact and understanding.

Creating Policy and Procedure Manuals

This virtual workshop focuses on the key elements that lead to effective policies and procedures: good organization, clarity of language and accessibility of information.

Writing Proposals that Win Approval

To use the art of persuasion, you must SELL the benefits of your idea so that the readers are convinced it is in their best interest to say YES! This virtual workshop focuses on the key rules of persuasion to write a winning proposal.

Writing Effective Reports

This virtual workshop focuses on giving the participants the skills they need to write their reports efficiently and effectively.

Leading Successful Meetings Meetings are at the heart of virtually everything we do in business and, as a result, are an essential component of any work environment. They can be a productive tool for stimulating ideas, generating plans of action, generating a sense of team spirit.