Learning Design

The programs we design complete the gap of your current and desired situations and support the identified learning objectives. We design our learning programs in a way that best fits the needs of the organization – often providing blended learning solutions.

And most importantly, we customize the content to make it reflect the organization's environment and realities and make it applicable to the actual performance requirements of the learners.

Our Learning Design

  • is based on David Kolb's Experiential Design Model to accommodate all learning styles
  • uses engaging, interactive methods that incorporates a variety of activities
  • focuses on discussion and avoids overuse of lecturettes
  • includes opportunities for the learners to apply their learning to real-world situations
  • provides coaching and feedback opportunities
  • includes evaluation and proof of learning

Our Content is well-researched and evidence-based, and it offers a realistic approach to developing communication skills.

Our Facilitators are subject matter experts and skilled presenters. And as a warning... if you participate in one of our sessions, you might start to get excited about writing – our love for it can be contagious!