Solving the Grammar Dilemma


Solving the Grammar Dilemma Book Cover
Author: Marie Antaya
Year Published: 2015

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ISBN: 978-0-9939721-0-2
  Page Count: 101 pages

Your workplace is busy. But are you too busy to ensure you’re using correct grammar? Language errors undermine credibility and efficiencies. Can you afford not to pay attention to this essential skill?

Solving the Grammar Dilemma helps you master the art of grammar for the workplace.

  • Discover how capitalization and punctuation make a world of difference in your clarity.
  • Learn how structure and agreement make your work easier to read.
  • Gain confidence with those tricky apostrophes (and understand the your-versus-you’re problem from now on).

Use this book as a reference guide to sharpen your grammatical skills and elevate understanding for every audience.

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